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Steven Hess, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Steven works with adults and couples suffering from acute and complex trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, identity struggles, and relationship struggles.

He is sex and kink positive, gender affirming, and affirming to non-conforming relationship styles. He counsels from a framework of interpersonal and systemic anti-oppression, and intersectional feminism.

Treatment with Steven includes the following:
-Receive education on nervous system regulation, relational trauma, attachment, mindfulness, and the holistic nature of emotional wellness.
-Develop somatic skills and “resources” to better cope with and manage emotional distress.
-Trauma-informed trauma reprocessing of acute and complex trauma, including using EMDR and interventions.
-Develop self-awareness of your behavioral, relational, and psychological patterns, including “parts-work” interventions.
-Help you organize your thoughts and feelings around difficult life situations.
-Work toward a life of resilience, meaning, empowerment, joy, connectedness, and regulation.

Steven graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia with his masters in Counseling Psychology. He has provided direct clinical work in the human services field for 12 years, from inner city Philadelphia to rural Alaska. He has worked as an ACT Team Lead where he supervised a number of clinical staff.

In his free time, Steven enjoys playing music, learning, exercise, and long weekends wandering Alaska’s backcountry.

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