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Enhance your healing with leading treatments we can provide in-office.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

is a form of psychotherapy that reaps the benefits of long-term counseling with a shorter time frame, by helping clients process traumatic memories efficiently.


is a neurobiological, clinical tool used by therapists to help clients overcome trauma, negative emotions and pain by guiding eye positions across the field of vision.


allows therapists to help clients reduce pain and improve their health by gaining control over physical responses.

Sensorimotor Therapy

allows clients to process unresolved trauma using bodily experiences as the gateway to healing.

Genetic Testing

Often involves a quick cheek swab test for drug resistance markers or other genetic components.

Neuropsychological Testing

Can vary from determining potential ADHD diagnoses, autism spectrum disorder, IQ, and others, depending on the client's needs. Neuropsychological testing does still require all new patient paperwork to be completed before being seen.

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"I would like to share something that I feel about EMDR versus regular talk therapy, and I sum it up like this:
I think that conventional therapy is about managing internal pain and finding different behaviors to 'cope' with that pain, whereas EMDR essentially wipes it out."


To learn more information regarding our specialized treatments, please reach out to a team member.

We’re here to help.

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