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Peter F. Alward, PMHNP

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Peter was awarded the National Merit Scholarship and completed his undergraduate degree at University of Florida in Abnormal and Developmental Psychology. He was then awarded a fellowship and pursued graduate degree in Research studying mental health disorders at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He quickly discovered that his passion was working directly with people. Peter’s sister, who continued to live in Alaska, encouraged him to consider the nursing program at UAA. He obtained his degree in nursing and eventually pursued the accelerated program for his graduate degree. Peter graduated from University of Alaska Anchorage with his masters as an Advance Nurse Practitioner.

Throughout his life, Peter has worked extensively in mental health from working at Alaska Psychiatric Institute and the Institutional Discharge Program at Anchorage Community Mental Health. He soon moved to the Providence Discovery where he excelled working with adolescent clients and was eventually offered a full time position to North Star Adolescent Hospital. Ultimately, Peter became the Director of Nursing at North Star and maintained this title for 13 years. With his love of the work and commitment to the community, Peter continues to teach as an Adjunct Instructor at University of Alaska Anchorage.

Peter moved on to the private sector and to Bridges in the fall of 2016. He has a comprehensive holistic approach to mental health. Although he is well versed in many areas, he works and has extensive experience with adolescents, family problems, and the treatment of ADHD.

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