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Kathy Chastain, PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Kathy is originally from South Carolina and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing from the University of South Carolina. An adventurist, she came to Alaska following graduate school in 2003 and provided both psychiatric and general medical care in the Aleutians and Pribilof Islands for 3 years prior to moving to Anchorage where she worked in the community until 2019. In pursuit of personal goals, she left Alaska for 5 years and realized her community is here and returned in January 2024.
Kathy has been a psychiatric nurse practitioner for 21 years. She has been a human being for longer. She has understanding and insight into the “human experience” and approaches patient care, holistically. She is passionate about assisting others to realization of their own highest quality of life. Patients and people in kind find her to be authentic, compassionate, empathetic, and she brings a warm wit that is comforting.
Though diverse, she has particular interest and experience with trauma and the ensuing difficulties related to trauma to include depression, anxiety, ADHD, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. She is also very passionate about providing LGBTQIA+ affirmative care.
She is excited to be a part of the Bridges’ Team.

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