Group Therapy

A primary principal behind group counseling is the idea that dealing with specific issues may cause isolation and a feeling that one is alone in facing his or her problems. Group counseling can counteract this isolation by bringing together people with similar focus and concerns.


Bridges providers frequently offer short-term and long-term group therapy sessions. Groups are typically limited to a small number of participants, generally no more than ten or twelve clients, so if you are interested contact us quickly to get additional details, to register, or to be put on a waiting list.

The Empowerment and

Healthy Self Image Group For Teen Girls


In addition to providing education, the group is designed to create a warm environment that will lend itself to psycho-education, group process, and individual sharing in an effort to aid and assist our young ladies to grow into successful adult women.


Girls accepted into this group should already be receiving ongoing individual counseling.


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Health Lifestyles

Adult Diabetes Group



A dramatic change in lifestyle because of a health condition requireing a change (or even personal choice) can be difficult.


Often times a medical provider can recommend a change in eating habits and exercise as a first course of action.


Many times food is used to temporarily alleviate stress or other emotions and bring comfort; however, this can lead to eating because of an emotional trigger instead of physical hunger.


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Trauma Group

Participants with a significant history in trauma, neglect, abuse or severe mood disturbances including Depression and Anxiety. 


New participants are now being considered for a closed group, whose focus will be development of rational and critical thinking skills to assist participants in selecting and engaging in a proactive plan that moves them in the direction of a more meaningful and purpose driven life.

Women Support Group

Lori Hickman, MS, LPC is offering a 10 week Woman’s Support Group for individuals who are experiencing mild symptoms of depression.


The group will help women understand what can feed depression or chronic unhappiness as well as incorporate practices attendees can use in their daily life to be free from mental habits that keep you unhappy.


The group will use Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to help different ways of knowing how the mind and body can help you shift your negative thoughts and feelings.


The group will guide you to understanding, meditative practices, and experiment attitudes of patience, compassion for yourself, open-mindedness, and gentle persistence.

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