Relationship Counselling & Couple’s Therapy

Our Wasilla and Anchorage relationship counseling services aren’t just for those in romantic relationships. At Bridges, we work on improving all types of relationships through facilitating better communication, promoting verbalization of needs and expectations, and establishing mutual goals for the long-term prosperity of the partnership. Our staff is expertly trained in mediatory techniques that allow each person to be effectively heard in a way that is productive, rather than combative. Our Anchorage relationship counseling/couple’s therapy sessions have proven to be very beneficial for many types of relationships, including married or romantically attached couples, family members, friends, employees or employers within the workplace, and professional service providers and their clients.

The relationship between any two people can greatly benefit from professional relationship counseling to lay the groundwork for mutual trust, understanding, empathy, respect, and ultimately, positive feelings towards one another moving forward. We make a point to note that no one is at fault or to be blamed for the condition of the relationship. Often, the root causes of a damaged relationship are attributed to actions that are done without malice and that go completely unnoticed by one side. Our licensed therapist will help build a two-way awareness of you and your partner’s actions and the effect that they have. Couples therapy is a safe sounding board where issues can be brought up that can be hard to raise in any other setting. The information that you will leave with will not only improve the relationship between you and your partner, but will also give you a greater insight into how you relate to others and what steps you can take to communicate more effectively.

For any additional information about our relationship/couple’s therapy sessions, please reach out to a team member at one of our locations:

Anchorage Office: (907) 771-0536                            Wasilla Office: (907) 631-0526

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” 
David Richo

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