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Bridges is relatively unique and innovative in the mental healthcare community.

Our clinician team includes psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners,

physicians assistants, therapists and psychologists. 

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who graduate from medical school and then pursue additional training. They are a licensed medical physicians and prescribe medication both for medical and psychiatric conditions. Their treatment can often involve both physical components as well as talk therapy.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) are nurse practitioners with a undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in nursing. Their graduate degree can be focused in many areas of subspecialty in medicine. Our nurse practitioners all have focused graduate degrees in psychiatry although some sub specialized in adult or child psychiatry.  Nurse practitioners in Alaska can work independently of a physicians . They can prescribe medication and may also elect to do talk therapy.

Physician Assistants  - Certified (PA-C) carry undergraduate and graduate degrees. They are considered to be "physician extenders", meaning that their primary focus is to deliver service under the supervision of a collaborative medical doctor. PA-C can have any specialty and be trained in many areas of medicine. They can prescribe medications and, in our facility, may elect to do talk therapy.


Therapists or Psychologists may have a masters or doctoral degree in an area of psychology, professional counseling, or social work, with a focus of study in the mind and human behavior. They are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medication. Although they have many sub-specialties most are focused in talk therapy for individual, couples, families, and group scenarios.

Interns are graduate students. As a commitment to our community and our profession, Bridges chooses to host and teach 'interns' from universities from all over the United States. Our interns may be finishing a medical psychiatric residency in affiliation with the WWAMI (Participating medical schools in state of Wyoming, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (Wyoming joined in 1996)  program, or graduates students finishing their masters or doctoral licensing or degree requirements. Available positions are either bi annually or annually, and must be applied for many months in advance.   


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